“I have been going to this establishment forever.  They are amazing, and I would suggest them to anyone who is experiencing muscular/physical pain. They are professional, caring, and compassionate, and I’m very happy to have found such great care. The entire staff is warm, and I feel instantly better when I walk in the door. Thanks again”

“Awesome staff – top to bottom. When I was injured they took very good care of me. They walked me through my exercises, and they were very patient with me. I never felt as if they were rushing me through the recovery process. Everyone is friendly and kind.”

“When I arrived at the facility, I was so impressed. They knew our needs, and already had a rehabilitation plan in place for us. They listened carefully to everything I had to say, and they made me feel so comfortable. The level of care I received was extraordinary and I am forever grateful. Pair & Marotta is literally helping us get our life back!”

“I am receiving excellent care from the entire staff! I’m confident that I will make a great recovery with the collaboration occurring with my orthopedic surgeon.”

“A small token of patient appreciation! Your office and staff greet patients with such a positive and encouraging manner. This, combined with your quality care, helps everyone on their way to improved health and mobility.”

“The warm and relaxed atmosphere in your office enhances the healing process. I appreciate and thank all of you for your caring attitude and patience.”

“I just wanted to let you know what a great staff you have. Please thank each one of them for all their hard work, and pass on my sincere thanks.”

“I just want to thank you and your entire staff! You have all been so thoughtful and caring. That is so important when one is in pain and not feeling well. You truly helped me feel better, and allowed me to get my life back.”

“I love how you push us harder and harder everyday. So thanks again, and I can’t wait to start next month!!”

“I am a collegiate athlete, and I have tried several physical therapy facilities over the past few years. I must say that I have had the best results with Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy. I sincerely appreciate the consistent professionalism and compassion.”