Aquatic Services

Everyone will benefit from Aquatic Therapy!

Aquatic therapy is an effective tool for decreasing swelling and pain, and for increasing range of motion, strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Whether you have an ankle, knee, hip, back or shoulder injury, YOU WILL benefit from aquatic therapy! Ask your doctor about aquatic therapy today. Tell them that you want to go to Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy for the best physical therapy in Bakersfield!

The ultimate goal of Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy is to return you to your normal life at 110%. We want you to be more fit, have more control and live a better quality of life than BEFORE you came to see us. And for many patients, that may include aquatic physical therapy!

Did you know?

  • Immersion in water exerts hydrostatic pressure on the body, thereby helping to control swelling.
  • Heated aquatic therapy has been shown to increase range of motion and decrease joint stiffness.
  • Warm-water therapy improves circulation of blood, and as a result increases nutrient delivery to muscles and joints to speed healing.

Aquatics Therapy for Back Injuries

The spine is the only solid structure connecting the upper body to the lower body. As a result of this, the amount of compression on the intervertebral discs and vertebrae can be great. But due to the buoyant effect of water, pressure on the discs and vertebrae is reduced when in the water! Depending on the depth a person achieves in the pool, up to 70% of the force on the spine can be removed!

The Effectiveness of Aquatic Therapy

Research shows that aquatic therapy is just as effective as traditional land therapy in rehabilitation and regaining functional use of the knee after ACL repair. Aquatic therapy has also been shown to improve balance and proprioception in patients with arthritis in the lower extremities

What Types of Exercises are Done in the Pool?

Aquatic Therapy uses many of the same functional exercises and stretches that traditional land-based therapy performs. However, because of the buoyancy provided by water, the loading and stress on the spine and joints are reduced.

But Isn’t Exercise in the Pool Easier than on Land?

The resistance available in an aquatic setting is determined by the speed at which the exercise is done and by the drag produced by the exercise equipment. So as your fitness improves, the exercises are adjusted to increase the challenge to your muscular system. This can be by increasing drag or exercise tempo.

Ask if Aquatic Therapy at Pair & Marotta is Right for You!