Gait Analysis

We are excited to offer a complete solution for gait and movement analysis using the OptoGait System.  From prosthetic patients to ACL return to sport athletes, we are able to better track function and progress.  Now we have the ability to replace the “eye test” or 90% strength test with stronger objective data towards a full recovery and maximizing performance is possible!

This system allows us to easily and precisely:

  • assess objectively the patient’s general physical conditions
  • identify deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and videos and determine how the patients’ performance is being effected
  • develop and apply therapeutic-rehabilitation applications, rehab approaches and
    orthopedic solutions on the basis of precise data
  • prevent of relapses, complications and involutions of the pathological
  • periodically verify the results and the efficacy of treatment
  • motivate patients giving them tangible proof of improvement
  • compare post- and pre-accident values if available
  • verify, in a dynamic situation, the efficacy of arch supports, insoles or functional tapes
  • compare various shoes and their effect on the patient’s gait

Some of the tests we are able to conduct include:

  • Treadmill Walking and Running
  • Marching
  • Single-leg Hop
  • Vertical Jump
  • Drift (dynamic stability)
  • Reaction & Tapping

Interested in learning more about our system?  Tell is a little more below and we will get you set up!