Athletic Performance

FAST Forward

FAST Forward is Functional Athletic Skill Training that teaches young athletes how their bodies move. It develops agility, strength, balance, coordination, and reaction time. The program runs during the school year from mid-August to late May.

FAST Forward 3.0 – 3 times/week. $120 /month or $99/month for a 9-month membership.
FAST Forward 2.0 – 2 times/week. $90/month or $79/month for a 9-month membership.

Seasonal Sports Camps

Summer SAP

Summer SAP (Speed, Agility & Power) Camp is an intensive 6-week summer program for high school athletes to improve their movement skills. Just like our FAST Forward program, but a higher volume of work. The program meets 4-days per week from 3-5pm.

Junior SAP

Junior SAP Camp is for youth ages 7-12. This program meets M,T,Th,F from 2-3pm for 6-weeks starting the first Monday after school lets out. This program focuses on movement quality, range of motion and teaching movement technique.

SSP Senior (ages 13+) – 4 days/week x 8 weeks. $299 or 2 payments of $159.
SSP Junior (ages 8-12) – 3 days/week x 8 weeks. $199 or 2 payments of $119.

Winter Speed Development Camp

Winter Speed Development Camp is a 5-day mini-camp during the Christmas Break from school focused on teaching acceleration and running technique.

Ages 10+ $70, ages 6-9 $45.

Baseball/Softball Pre-Season Camp

Baseball/Softball Pre-Season Camp a 12-week, 3-phase pre-season camp. Skills focused on include lateral speed & agility, rotary power, shoulder/Rotator Cuff stability, core strength and lower body strength. This program begins on the third (3rd) Monday of October and completes on the second (2nd) Friday of January.

3-days/week, MWF. $360,or $130/month. Ask about our team discounts!